Grab your crucifix and garlic, because tonight they're cumming to get you! In 1993 Chi Chi LaRue created a classic tale of vampire lust in The Bite. Return to the realm of thirst quenching sex and spectacular special FX, of sibling rivalry, gold-digging muscle studs, and murderous butlers in this sequel.

Twinklight with Jayden Ellis and Preston Andrews Twinklight is a dramatic and graphic expose on the secrets, horrors and sexual fantasies of vampires. Watch as these young and deadly monsters take whatever pleasures they desire, reveling in a world of unrestrained gratification and hardcore twink fucking.

In this highly anticipated feature film Billa is an innocent twink searching for a new beginning. What he finds is the dark and dangerous world of vampires; an erotic and cryptic society filled with fucking and blood sucking. Billa spirals deeper into the underworld as he falls for the forbidden but irresistible Edmund, a strong and powerful vampire. It is a hot and exhilarating journey that will leave you emotionally moved and wildly aroused.

Extensive bonus feature included with the DVD and online include hilarious set bloopers, extended scenes with hardcore action and a sexy photo slideshow. Also don't miss the revealing actor interviews filled with gossip about what went on between the gorgeous cast of Twinklight.

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The Vampire of Budapest The Vampire of Budapest was not the first gay vampire porn but it was one of the first to be any good. Director Kristen "Bjorn takes the vampire legend, seizes it and makes it his own. And we all know what that means - men with muscles unlike any you've seen before, exotic location cinematography and some of the most intense hands-free cumshots ever committed to film. Full moon or not, I'm rising out of my coffin for this one." - Keeneye Reeves In mysterious Budapest, the true Hungarian legend of the Vampire - the one you have never been told - still lives on. Abandon all hope as 16 hot-blooded Hungarian hunks guide you into the depths of darkness, where you'll long to remain forever. It's love at first bite!

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"Theo Alexander portrays True Blood’s sexy gay hubby of the King of Mississippi and the lucky hunk got to live out so many TruBie’s fantasies when a sex scene called for him to hit the sheets (or floor, in this case) with Alexander Skargard’s Nordic vamp, Eric. The actor spills about preparing for the daunting love scene with one of the sexiest actors on the series.

Vampire Boys gay vampire porn Vampire Boys is a deranged look at the underworld of vampire sex. We open with lovers Black and Evans on a moonlit walk. Just as Black is about to give Evans a penile tongue washing, they are attacked. When Evans comes to, he’s dripping with (fake) blood, which is pretty yucky. It turns out that he has become the hapless sex slave of horny vampire Flynt, who torments him relentlessly.

After a thorough spanking, Flynt blows Evans’ tool in a very wet, drippy fashion. Then, out come the clothespins. But this vampire ain’t hangin’ no clothes out to dry! The clothespins end up all over Evans, even on his balls. (Yikes!)

Like dildos? You’ll love it when one slips deep into Evans’ craphole. Flynt is mucho macho, and Evans’ sculpted body is always a sight for sore eyes. The dungeon setting gives everything a very dirty feel, and the energy level is high.

In the next scene, studly Banes falls prey to the same insatiable bloodsucker. Flynt brings him home as a present for Evans, who sucks his blood (gross) and then fucks him before Banes turns the tables and fucks him back. Evans eventually sprays his fuckjuice all over Banes, who musters up enough energy to lap the extra spooge off of Evans’ cock.

Black, who escaped the vampire’s clutches earlier in the film, is lured to the dungeon by Evans and Bane, who indoctrinate him into the ways of the nocturnal bloodsuckers. What ensues is hardcore vampire action, with loads of oral fun. Evans slams Black in the bum until he squirts a big load all over his chest. Black then scoops up some of the spunk, takes a taste, and turns into a hideous bloodsucking freak

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Twinkblood gay vampire porn Eighteen-year-old Miles Pride has decided to move to Phoenix to start his first year of college. He settles in, adjusts to the burning heat and the frigid nights, and finds that more than just the cold penetrates the City of the Sun when that sun goes down. Follow Miles as he risks everything to discover the truth behind the vampire attacks and the twist that turns his life upside down. Edge of your seat drama and incredibly hot sex make up BoyCrush Studios' first action flick and the industry's first twink vampire adult film. Don't expect anything less than the hottest twink on twink action you'll ever see.

Woven through Miles' story it that of the hot vampire king played by Chase Harding. Chase seduces straight boys and after fucking them, turns them into vampires. Twinkblood is one of the best gay vampire porn films available and features some of the steamiest gay vampire sex scenes on screen.

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